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The original plan for AdventureQuest 3D: Legend of LORE was to create a 3D MMO that plays in your browser. It is bitter sweet that we accomplished this goal and then abruptly halted working on the game. The reason why not because of lack of interest. No. The daily messages I get about "When will you be finishing AQ3D?" and "The Alpha Tests are so fun, when is the next one!?" prove that we all want to see this game happen.

If you are a long time player of our games then you (and I both) know that AdventureQuest 3D is exactly the kind of game we need to be making. So why is this project on hold? Short answer: I used to believe the future of gaming was Flash. Our long time plan for this project was to build in Unity3D then export to Flash. At the time, this ambitious plan was brilliant and we would be one of the first to do it. (We have done a lot of firsts.) I had been in contact with one of the founders of Unity since I met him at E3. We were on the inside track with early access to Flash's highly anticipated GPU accellerated 3D features. You may have joined us on one of our earliest Flash alpha tests.

We really thought we were going to amaze and rattle the game industry with AdventureQuest 3D. But Flash 3D was not without some serious problems. So, you can imagine the extreme pain and heartbreak our team felt when Unity (and for good reasons) publically announced that they were dropping their Flash exporter. It was the decisive deathblow to the game we were building. It was at this moment that we called an emergency studio-wide meeting and dicussed the future of video games.

For a while we had been watching as more and more of our players leave the web and play on their phones, tablets and other gaming devices. We knew immediately what we had to do. We needed to re-invest our energy and passion into building a new way of making games. A way of making games that would let you and our other players play them on ALL devices. It is called "Project Omni." AdventureQuest 3D would be a great game ont he web... but it would be a better game if it played seemlessly across your phones, tablet, consoles, and game enabled toaster.

As a wise course of action, we hit the pause button on AQ3D development and started learning how to build omni-games. But jumping into something as big as AQ3D would never have worked. We needed a smaller project to learn on. So we picked the fun and simple RPG/puzzle game "Battle Gems." Combining our previous puzzle game, with fantasy characters and new gameplay mechanics, it was supposed to take 3 months... but it took much longer. It will be released in phases, starting with Apple iOS then moving to Android Devices, Windows and the Web. We learned a lot. A LOT. Our plan is to return to AdventureQuest 3D in the reasonably near future. It is a serious shame that we build a fully functional MMO server from scratch and it is stitting there collecting dust. We will likely have to rebuild the art and assets... which is a good thing. Because our artists and animators just keeps getting better, and we can produce even higher quality art & animation that what you have seen here so far.

I invite you to join me at where we will talk about the things we are doing. I would really like to have more "LIVE STREAM" game making sessions where we all hang out and build stuff.

Two Omni projects you should keep an eye out for:

  1. Battle Gems - a 2D Fantasy Puzzle/RPG (Coming VERY soon)
  2. BladeHaven - a 3D fighting-swipe game centered on Galanoth (~2 months)