Patch Notes

Always clear your cache after a major update!

When there has been a new update, you may need to restart Steam and reload the game in order to see the new updates.  You may also need to use the "Clear Cache" button in the Options menu on the game's Title Screen. 


04/19/2017 *NEW*

1.4.2 FIXES

  • Senna's Bun buff will now persist through death (for real).
  • Fixed an issue with buff icons disappearing when they should not have.
  • Fixed an issue with Galanoth in Ashfall not allowing quests to be turned in.
  • Fixed "Shattered Seals" quest in Nightlocke Crypts.
  • Guardian Book signing cutscene will no longer crash on mobile devices.





A new floating names feature has been added!  This will allow you to see the names, as well as reactions of NPCs and mobs at a glance.  This option can be turned on or off in the Settings.  *note: NPCs and mobs that were previously blue or green have had their colours switched.

  • Red names = aggressive
  • Orange names = neutral (won't attack you until you attack it)
  • Green names = friendly (they will help if they see you fighting!)
  • Blue names = passive (won't do anything ever!)

Player names have retained their colours.  Here is a reminder of what player colours mean:

  • Gold = developer and/or admin
  • Green = moderator
  • Blue = tester
  • Teal = whitehat


  • Lidra's dialogue has now been fixed!  You will now be able to view the Wayker's Root dialogue.
  • The teleporter crystal to Battleon in the intro should now be working again.
  • Travel Forms will no longer get stuck.  Trying to cast a spell while in a Travel Form will now immediately cancel the Travel Form without attempting to cast the spell.
  • Added an option in the Settings menu to adjust the camera shakes.
  • /clear will now clear your chat log.
  • Chests will no longer be a blue flame on iOS devices!
  • Fixed an issue with clickies in the Guardian Tower.
  • Fixed an issue with Sally and Grampy's cutscene not playing on first login.
  • If trying to send a whisper to a player who has whispers blocked, it will now properly return their name, instead of your own.




Patch 1.4.0 is here!  This update includes lots of new features so keep reading for all the details!


The long awaited Party System is now available!  With this new feature, players will now be able to form a party with other players.  There is a new player context menu which you can access by clicking on a player's nameplate once you have them targetted.  To form a Party, click on a player and then click on their name and choose "Invite Party" from the player option menu.

  • Party size limit is 5 players.
  • The first player to create the group will be the Party Leader; the Party Leader is the only player who is able to invite other players to the party.
  • The Party Leader may also promote another party member by using the Promote Leader option.
  • You will be able to chat with your Party by using /p or /party
  • You can use the following commands with the party system: /partyinvite, /partykick (Leader only), /partypromote (Leader only) and /leaveparty
  • You can travel to a Party Member by clicking their name and choosing the "Go to" option (only works if the Party Member is in a different map).  Travelling to a Party Member will still follow the map limitations; for example if the map is full, you will not be able to join your Party Member (we are working on a solution for this soon!).  If you do not meet the requirements of the map that your Party Member is in, you will not be able to join your Party Member is in.



With the new Party System in place, Dungeons will now have more options!

    • This is a dungeon that works similar to the old system; joining this dungeon will remove you from any previous Party that you are in and place you into a special dungeon-only Party.
    • Any player can join a Public Dungeon and you will automatically be placed into the Party with other players in the same Public Dungeon.
    • Public Dungeon Parties do not have a Leader.
    • Once you leave the Public Dungeon, you will be removed from the Party.  
    • If you leave the Public Dungeon Party then you will be teleported out of the Public Dungeon.
    • Entering a Private or Party Dungeon will lock the Dungeon to yourself and your Party members only.
    • You may invite other players to join your Party while inside a Private / Party Dungeon.
    • Only players who are in your Party may enter your Private / Party Dungeon.
    • Private / Party Dungeons still follow the size limit rule of the Dungeon, so if your Party size is larger than the Dungeon size, the remaining players will have to leave the Party or join a different Dungeon.
    • Leaving or getting kicked from a Party while in a Private / Party Dungeon will teleport you out of the Dungeon.



You will now be able to equip items as a Cosmetic or Costume item!  When you select an item from your Inventory you will now have the option of equipping it normally (Equip) or equipping it as a Cosmetic item (Costume).  There will be a new icon next to an item which is equipped as a Cosmetic item.

Items equipped as Cosmetic will not give any stats.

You may equip an item as Cosmetic without have any real item equipped in that slot (except for your weapon).

Items equipped in a slot will show up as they normally would if you do not have a Cosmetic item equipped in that slot.



Combat has received a few brand new tweaks!  This is the first round of many fixes that we will be doing to make combat feel a lot better, and as a result these will mostly seem like visual updates (don't be fooled, both Korin and Rabblefroth have done a ton of work behind the scenes in order to make these updates!).

There are new AutoAttack animations as well as a new screen shake effect to make impacts feel more.... uh... impactful!

Player and monster health bars and mana bars will now animate when being depleted or replenished.  Skill icons will now indicate whether or not you have enough mana to cast them (they will be tinted blue if you do not have the required mana).

You can also move around while doing skills and animations will no longer break!.... as much!  Backpedaling should now also be faster than before!

As a result of these animation changes; you will notice some updates to many monsters... you will just have to find out for yourselves! :)



Quests will now be able to point you towards the correct NPC as well as towards your objective!  Currently this feature is only available in Ashfall Pt.1.  

You will see an indicator over an NPCs head as well as a zone marker if your objective is in a different map.  The compass will also point you towards these waypoints!  Shiny!



Charfade has been working hard on making updates to the UI!  Right now the changes mostly consist of new icons, but stay tuned!


 1.4.0 fixes and updates

  • BANK BUG: we have tracked down one of the ways that player inventories could get glitched and fixed an issue with items in the bank and inventory being displayed incorrectly.  If this is still happening, please report the issue to the Bug Tracker (
  • As a result of the new Party system, Valek Challenge is now a 5 player dungeon (down from 10).
  • A quest that has been tracked will remain tracked even after logging out.
  • Dungeon objectives will now be broadcast to the chat window.
  • Fixed an issue with some weapon textures displaying incorrectly.
  • You can now click on a target from 50% farther away.  *clicks*
  • Your character will now turn towards the target at the start of a skill, rather than at the end.
  • Using "Enter" and "/" will now work more reliably to put the chat bar into focus.  o more skipping the first letter of your sentences!
  • Senna's Buns and Dark Slice of Cake buffs will now persist through death.
  • Mouse cursor will now stay inside the game window when moving the camera!
  • You can no longer interact with an NPC if you are in combat.
  • MOBILE: the character notification popup icon (when you get a request) is now clickable.
  • MOBILE: due to an issue with the Depth of Field setting causing crashes, the setting has been temporarily disabled on mobile devices.
  •  Added a "Report Bug" button to the main menu.




The gates to the Underworld have been opened!  Head to Battleon to find the Apostle who will send you to the dark depths.

  • This is a scaling map.  All players will be set to level 10.  You will retain your relative stats from your REAL level.
  • 3 player map.
  • The Underworld Coffers will soon run dry!  The Dark Forges are growing cold and will no longer be able to produce as much gold in a few days!

Fixes and updates - 1.3.4

  • Lighting issues on some weapons has been fixed.
  • Some stats on Shadowskull equipment have been adjusted to be more in line with the gear acquired in Ashfall.
  • Some Scale Slayer items have had their stats boosted.
  • An issue with certain shaders on mobile devices has been fixed; Guardians in the Guardian Tower finally have FACES!
  • Gaz no longer has Boreal Robes nor Coal in stock since it is no longer winter in Battleon!  Gaz will be sure to have these items available again next season!




Ashfall has been discovered!  Travel to Ashfall by finding the path within the Bonecliffs (or use the convenient Travel menu option).

These new areas are for levels 14 and 15 and players will find all new monsters and crafting materials here.  As a result of these new areas, the level cap has been raised to 16!  Quest rewards in this region have also been adjusted as a result.  Happy levelling!

Some new features which have been added along side Ashfall:

  • Certain quests, which we have deemed Saga Quests can now be tracked through multiple maps!
  • Updated the look of the Quest compass!  Pointy!
  • New glowy indicators for travelling between maps.  There is now a popup that will tell you the name of the area that you will be travelling to before you transfer to the new area.
  • All NPCs will now have an icon above their head which properly indicates their status!  You will now see (...) over an NPC which you can speak to and ( ! ) over an NPC which actively has a quest for you.
  • There are many other changes which will help questing feel a lot smoother now!
  • ...And many more new / secret things for players to find!

1.3.3 - 1.3.4 Fixes and updates

*Known issue on iOS: Previewing items may result in the game interface disappearing.  Players will need to relaunch the game in order to keep playing- this issue seems to be happening in the main Dragonslayer Camp area.

  • New icons!
  • The amount of displayed gold will now update properly when crafting an item.
  • There is now a confirmation window when abandoning a quest.
  • Fixes made to the "quest compass" which will allow it to work better.
  • Fixes made to the player camera to stop issues with it colliding with certain triggers.
  • The Summon Friend and Summon Word feature should work a lot better now; the summon will no longer force you to log out when travelling.  If an invalid Word has been generated, then the game will now give you a new one instead of just exploding!
  • The music in cinematic cutscenes will now always play, regardless of your music setting in-game.
  • Game settings will now save to disk when you click "Apply"
  • Fixed an issue with the camera falling out of the world in the Guardian Tower.
  • Heartwood: fixed an issue with flowers sparkling when you were not on the quest.
  • Livingstone: fixed an issue with Pebblar Eggs.
  • Fixed an issue where choosing the "Buy Now" option in a crafting shop would produce an infinite loading screen.
  • Added a check to prevent items in the bank from being equipped.
  • You can no longer bypass the server login check by remaining at the Character Select screen.



0/1/05/2017 - 1.2.1 

Hotfix: fixed the issue with stackable items in the Bank and Inventory

*note* for those of you playing on iOS devices, your game may not be updated until Apple approves the new build.



01/05/2017 - 1.2.0 *NEW YEAR!*

Happy 2017 everyone!  Here's to another year of awesomeness!  This patch introduces something that many players have been waiting for: THE BANK!  *cheers*

How it works: you store stuff in it.  Win!

  • You can access the Bank at the new Bank building inside Battleon.  It is located where the old Apothecary shop used to be.
  • All players will receive one bank vault for free.  Additional bank vaults will cost 900 DC.  You may have seven total bank vaults.
  • The size of your bank vault is dependent on which upgrade package you have:
    • Regular player = 30 slots per bank vault.
    • Guardian player = 40 slots per bank vault.
    • Collector's Guardian player = 50 slots per bank vault.
  • For STACKABLE items, you make have one full stack per bank vault, as well as one in your main inventory.
    • example: you may have a stack of 999 health potions in bank vault 1, as well as one in bank vaults 2 - 7, and one in your inventory.  However you will not be able to have multiple stacks in any of those.  You may move partial stacks around and they will merge up to one full sized stack.
    • ADDENDUM: currently there are still a few bugs with stackable items.  There are two bugs still outstanding at this time:
      • 1 single item will not stack with another single item (in a stack)
      • You cannot merge a partial stack from your inventory into a partial stack that is in the bank, however, you may move a partial stack from the bank and merge it into a partial stack in your main inventory.
        • It will only merge inside the bank if the partial stack within the bank is a single item

Other patch notes:

  • Introducing target highlighting!  Your current target will now be highlighted with an outline to make it more apparent that you have something targetted.  You can toggle this setting on or off in the Settings menu.
  • Fix:  the Friends List will now show the correct level of your friends.
  • Quest text and NPC text font has been changed.



12/14/2016 - 1.1.0 

Frostval is here!  It's a snow day for everyone in Battleon!  Head over to Blizzy to see what's in store for you.  There will be lots of new crafting recipes to complete and bosses to defeat!

  • Frostval Labyrinth and Yettun Cave will be level 5 dungeons.  All players will be scaled to level 5, and the party size for this dungeon is 3 players.
  • Epic Yettun Cave will be locked to players level 13 and above, for a party size of 5.
  • None of these instances will require a Dungeon Key!  *cheers*

Other Patch Notes:

  • Quest system makeover!  There have been a few changes to the quest interface, including the ability to track a quest as soon as you accept it!  Yay!  Other updates include more notifications for when you have quests ready to be turned in, as well as when you have a new quest available.
  • Stat comparison tool to see how a new item compares to your currently equipped one.  This tool will compare the stats of the item you have selected with your currently equipped item of the same type.  For example if you have Gloves selected, it will compare those stats to your currently equipped Gloves.  Red numbers denote a stat value that is less than your currently equipped item, while green numbers denote a higher stat value.
  • New NPC overhead icon which differentiates those who have quests and those who do not (...) icon
  • Tooltips will now appear for crafting materials in the Crafting Recipe window if you hover over them.
  • Falling through the floor will now trigger a respawn after a few seconds.  Splat.
  • Keyboard support has been added for those devices which use the Mobile UI, such as laptops with touch screens.
  • Scaling functionality for maps, which we have used in this latest Frostval update!
    • Note:  your stats will be scaled according to your stats at your real level.  Relative power between stats should be preserved when your character gets scaled, ex. if your character has a "tanky" build, your "tankiness" should be preserved when scaled.
    • *Important* the stats you get when scaled are relative to what your stats are at your REAL level.  If your real level is 15 and you are wearing poor gear for your level (15), when you get scaled then your stats will still be poor.  Always make sure you are wearing the best gear for your REAL level. 
    • Exp and gold rewards are based off your real level.



11/16/2016 - 1.0.4 

**11/18/2016 update:  For those players on Mac who were having issues loading in to Battleon (Map asset could not be loaded), we have fixed this error for you now!  Please use the "Clear Cache" button at the login screen!


The Egg-le has landed!  Today's update introduces a brand new map:  Barrow Drop!

You can find this new area in the Barrow Point lobby area off of Greenguard.

  • Barrow Drop: a 1 player adventure for players around level 8 and up.
  • Barrow Drop Challenge: a multiplayer map designed for players level 13 and up.  
    • *Note, this map will require players to be level 13 and have completed the quest line in Barrow Drop to enter.
  • Spectral South Wing is now limited to players level 12 and up.
  • Shadowskull Tower is now limited to players level 13 and up.
  • The experience needed to go from 14 to 15 now matches the normal experience curve.
    • Those players who have achieved level 15 before Patch 1.0.4 will receive the Wrap of Determination as well as the Determination badge.
    • Those players who have accumulated enough experience within the old experience curve to reach level 15 with the new update will receive the Wrap of Determination.
  • Added some fixes to prevent players from jumping over gates to reach certain portals in dungeons.  For real this time and we totally didn't forget to push the fix to Live last time.  Nope.
  • *Fixed an issue with Angered Acevorah not dropping the correct items.

Some notes on current issues:

Thank you all for submitting your bugs and reports!  I just wanted to acknowledge that we do indeed see all of your reports and are actively working on fixing them.  We know that a lot of people are having issues with dungeons- falling through the floor and portals is a big one.  If your issue happens while falling after entering a portal, please try walking through portals without jumping or moving sideways / strafing and see if it happens less often.

If you are going to submit a bug about this issue, please include exactly WHEN it happens (walking around normally, going through a portal, etc.) and as much information about WHERE it happened as well.

*note, DragonSlayer class is not being released in this patch.



11/15/2016 - 1.0.4

*please close and restart your game to see these changes!

  • Added the ability to Toggle the UI on or off
    • Default key for this is Numpad 0
  • Added a hotkey to open the Use Menu
    • Default key for this is U
  • You now have the ability to enable or disable friend invites in the Settings Menu
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from going Fullscreen Mode
  • Some minor fixes that will hopefully help with intermittent connection problems that some people have been having; please keep sending in reports if you are having connection issues!
  • Fixed a UI issue with displaying crafting materials.
  • Level restriction functionality has been added; we will be using this feature in future content releases.
  • Devs will now have the ability to design dungeons with variable key costs; we will be using this feature in future content releases.



11/09/2016 - 1.0.3

Mogloween is almost gone!  While morning has already come in Battleon, you can still access the Haunted Manor and Spooky Battleon by clicking on the Event Crystal inside town!

On to the Patch Notes!

    • This is a preliminary test of the PC-friendly interface; we are hoping that this will make the gameplay experience much better for those users playing on Steam!  This is still very much a work in progress so stay tuned as we keep polishing it up!  We are predicting that elements may continue to be shifted around, buttons will probably get moved, buttons and bars will probably also change how they look!
    • Currently there are no new functionalities with regards to the interface.
    • In relation to the new PC-friendly interface, we've added the ability to customize your keybinds!  You'll find this option in the new Settings Menu.
    • Currently not all keys are bindable and combination keypresses are not available.
    • You can now adjust the Field of View (FoV) as well as the Camera Zoom and Camera Sensitivity settings.
    • We have fixed issues related to Summoning and Joining your friends; you should be able to reliably use the summons to get to where you friends are now!  Happy adventuring!  *note:  map player limits are still affecting this ability
  • The broken portal in Snevelyn Wilds has been fixed.  Now you can all travel through!
  • Small Health Potion and Small Mana Potion can now stack up to 999. *hic*
  • Umbral Caves: an issue related to the Poisonous Gas room has been fixed.
  • Mobile Fix: fixed an issue that caused cutscenes / dialogues to get stuck trying to load.
  • Item mouseovers should no longer be covered by the Inventory Panel / Use Menu.
  • Added some fixes to prevent players from jumping over gates to reach certain portals in dungeons.
  • Fixed somehow without Zhoom needing to do anything: game should no longer crash when using the "Exit Game" button!



10/28/2016 - 1.0.1 

Hope everyone has been having fun with the Mogloween release!  Here are some brief notes on some changes and fixes that we've made since Open Beta and Mogloween has launched:

We know that many players have been experiencing some difficulties in the new Haunted Manor dungeons (and dungeons in general); some of these issues will take a bit more work to fix, but in the meantime we have been looking in to the problem of players falling out of the map.  Yergen has tried his best to fix what he thinks may be the problem, so we are hoping that all the holes in the floors are patched up now!  Please let us know if the issue keeps happening!

On a related note, because of these issues we will be giving everyone an additional 100 FREE DUNGEON KEYS!*  Happy dungeoneering!

Zhoom is also busy trying to work out connection issues that players have been having; to this effect, some more status messages have been added to the game to help players track down exactly what error they are getting.  Please include these in your reports if you are having connection issues!

Now for the Patch Notes:

  • The Guardian Blade has been added back to Guardian Alister outside of the Guardian Tower.  You may also purchase any of the Guardian / Kickstarter Guardian / Collector's Edition Guardian items from Fortes inside the Guardian Tower now (stop deleting your Guardian Blades, guys! :P).
  • Pumpkin Seeds will now stack up to 100.
  • The camera distance that you have set will no longer reset when you switch maps.
  • Fixed some issues with hair clipping in dialogue sequences.
  • Music volumes are now set to 50% by default.

*only characters that were playing / created before this patch (October 28th, 2016) will receive the keys.



10/19/2016 - 1.0.0

Welcome everyone to OPEN BETA!  *cheers* *screams* *crying in the background*

We are excited to introduce some new features to the game for the opening of this phase.



You now have the ability to add other players as friends!  The Friends List will be accessible through the Main Menu in the "Friends" option.

To add a Friend, you will need to select the player you wish to add and then click on their nameplate.  This will bring up the option to "Invite Friend".  Once you have sent your friend request, the other player will receive a notification that you wish to be Friends.  Notifications for friend requests will appear as a small icon next to the chat window.

Once you have added a Friend to your Friends List, you will be able to see if they are online and which server they are currently on.  You will also be able to Invite them to travel to you, and also have the option to travel to them!  This feature will even work if you are on different servers!  If you have invited a Friend or they have invited you, a notification will appear next to the chat window.  Clicking the notification will bring up a confirmation window.

You will also be able to Remove a Friend from the Friend List.

If your Friend deletes their character, you will need to add them again.

You may add up to 30 players to your Friends List.



With the addition of the Friends List, you now have the ability to send a /tell or /whisper to another player.  Simply use /tell PlayerName to send a message (/t, /whisper, /w also work).  You can reply to the last message you got by using /reply or /r

You may also use PlayerName > to send a message.  If a player has a space in their name, then you will have to use this method: Player Name > to send your message.

There is also a new option in the Settings to allow or block ALL whispers.



The Guardian Tower is now available for those players who have upgraded to Guardian!  The Tower is located in Battleon.  Inside you will find new quests and gear for your newly Sworn Guardian!



A brand new quest line has been written for the Introductory area!  Included are additional quests, a certain ebil individual, and new gear to help a new player get started on their journey. *MWEHEH*

You will notice that cutscenes have a totally new look and feel to them!



The Barber Shop inside Battleon is finally open!  Head over to the shop for a shave and a cut for a mere 500 gold *snip snip*



The menacing tower looming over Shadowskull Bridge has finally been breached!  Head inside to find Artix and discover what dark power is contained within.  Bring your strongest gear and some friends and fight your way to the top!


There have also been a few changes made that affect other areas of the game.  The process of crafting items should now feel more streamlined.  This will affect crafting in both outside maps and dungeons.

Dungeons have also been tweaked to feel a bit more fluid and more rewarding.



And now on to the super vague, inaccurate, boring, non-informative Patch Notes (you can stop reading here):

  • Sell window should now correctly display the proper currency for selling (it will now always display gold).
  • Updated notifications for when a Quest is ready to turn in!  Shiny!
  • MOBILE FIX: Revive button has had its position adjusted so that it should no longer be blocked by the left thumbstick.
  • A shop for those who participated in the Closed Beta phase has been added to Melodia in Yulgar's Inn.
  • New items are available on Robina's Shop in Greenguard.
  • An "Upgrades" button has been added to the Main Menu.
  • Paid Name Change service is available at for 900 Dragon Crystals.
  • One additional recipe has been added to the Caves of Unrest in Doomwood Forest.
  • The fountain in Battleon has had some plumbing work done!
  • Target circle colours have been slightly adjusted: hostile mobs will now have a red ring around them, neutral mobs will have an orange ring.  All mobs which are currently in combat will have a red ring around them.
  • Loading screen tips have been added!
  • 1 -> 1.3




0.0.85 - 08/26/2016


  • Title Screen has been updated!
  • The maximum number of players in Battleon has been lowered to 10.



0.0.84 - 08/17/2016 


  • CLEAR CACHE button has been added to the Options menu on the Title Screen.  Use with caution and only when you are experiencing problems with the game!
  • Added a Back button to all screens during the login / create character process.
  • Framerate fixes:
    • Graphics Setting 1 is now capped at 30 fps. 
    • Settings 2 and 3 halve your framerate to half your display's refresh rate so many people will see lower than 60 fps (usually 30 fps) on those settings.

0.0.83 - 08/15/2016


  • All light maps for zones have been updated to work in Unity 5.4!  Please let us know if you find any issues.


  • GCD (global cooldown) is now triggered at the start of a cast, instead of at the end.
    • This will mostly affect Mages, and will make Mages feel more streamlined.
    • This fix should also prevent issues with skills getting "stuck" in cooldown mode (skill button is greyed out).
    • Shadow Wolf and Elite Guardian Rider travel form transformations are no longer spammable.
  • Chat filter has been updated (still a work in progress!)
  • Inventory hotkey has been changed from "B" to "I".
  • Fixed a bug affecting potion boosts from not applying properly / disappearing.


  • The upgrade to Unity 5.4 should fix the issue with uncapped framerates while the game is minimized and causing issues with GPU overworking / overheating.


  • Stat curve for the low-mid levels has been fixed.




0.0.82 - 08/08/2016

  • Auto Attacks have received a slight damage boost.
  • You will now see bigger numbers across the board as far as stats / damage etc. however the overall power curve has remained the same.
  • Level difference penalty now only works one way: mobs above your level receive a bonus to hit / damage; however players will not receive this bonus when they are over a monster’s level (etc. no more infinite dodges if you are +3 levels above a monster).
  • Level difference penalty now begins at +2 level difference, as opposed to +1.



0.0.82 - 08/05/2016 

  • The new Elite Guardian Rider travel form has arrived! Find it in the Collector's Guardian Shop in Battleon! YEEHAW!
  • Lights in Yulgar's Inn have been adjusted slightly.
  • Issues with portals breaking in Barrow Pass dungeon have been fixed.



0.0.81 - 08/04/2016

  • Shadow Wolf transformation now moves at the correct speed.
  • Corrected an issue with the XP and Gold Boost buffs. *coughs*
  • Updated the stats on: Guardian Sword, Lava Fists, Driftwood Staff, Wayker's Root Staff, Nightlocke War Staff



0.0.80 - 07/26/2016

Welcome to patch 0.0.80!  We are now officially in Closed Beta! (once the servers are back up!) *cheers*

There are tons of new changes and updates that we are super excited for you all to try.  Here's a brief overview of the things that we have been working on:

Dungeons everywhere!!  For those players who love dungeon crawling, we have added many more dungeons spread all over the existing overworld maps. Make sure you explore and find them all! They may or may not prove quite a challenge!  We will continue to update and tweak these zones as Closed Beta progresses; we're looking forward to your feedback!  *Please note, we are still in the process of re-itemizing the Treasure Chests which appear in the dungeons, so stay tuned for some new goodies that may be appearing (or reappearing!) in those.

Items and loot!.. and things!  As you explore and begin your questing adventure; you may notice that there is something different about how you acquire items now.  We've been working on a system which will allow players to make their own items using materials that they find while questing and killing monsters.  (If you've been playing in Umbral Caves then you will be familiar with this system!) We've also given players some choices as to what type of items they would like to create; allowing you to tailor your stats to the play style of your choosing!

As a result of this new system; many items which were previously in the game are currently not available (until I can revisit them).  Some shops will be empty for the time being while we add and re-add items that will be updated.  Also, players may find that the versions of the items they had have now been replaced with updated versions that must be re-acquired.

We hope you'll have fun working together to find all the things you'll need to craft; as well as look forward to any feedback you have about the system!  As a side note, Guardian and Kickstarter players will have no problems collecting all the things needed for crafting thanks to the expanded inventory size granted by those upgrades!

Experience / Gold / Stats changes!  The level cap has now officially been raised to 15!  Ding!  With the raising of the level cap, we have also adjusted the amount of experience needed for leveling.  Make sure you take advantage of the new dungeons to help you along in your journey!

Along with the experience changes; gold acquisition has been adjusted as well.  You will find less gold out in the world now, and most of the gold and drops you find will be used for making items.

Stats in general have been streamlined a bit more - one major change is that monsters will now be closer in strength to the player when at the same level.  As always, we will continue to tweak things (everything!) as we move closer to Open Beta.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Patch Notes! -oishii



  • Changes to Mage abilities:
    • Fireball now costs 25% of base mana.
    • Lightning Strike cooldown increased to 10 seconds.
    • Magic Shockwave mana cost reduced to 20% base mana.
    • Mana Shield cost has been reduced to 15% base mana, and the duration increased to 10 seconds.
  • Yulgar's Inn and Cysero's Forge have received new lights!


  • Small Health Potion and Small Mana Potion can now stack up to 99 *glug glug*
  • If you try to loot a stack of items, it will now take as many as it can to fill up your current stack of the same item (instead of not allowing you to pick any up at all).


  • Removed the quest "Sticky Trade" from Yulgar - replaced with a new quest which will appear after you complete the Intro quest chain.


  • Horn of Generosity now costs 5000 gold.


  • You can no longer get updates for Auto-Quests if you are not in the map required for the Auto-Quest.


  • Small Health Potion and Small Mana Potion now heal 30%; up from 15%.
  • Reduced the kills needed in "Test of Might" quest from 10 to 5.


  • You can now double click / double tap a monster to begin combat.


  • (?) NPC bubbles are now green instead of red.
  • Stack size numbers will now update correctly in the Use menu.
  • UI fixes for when you are disconnected or logged out; the Revive button should no longer stay on the screen!
  • You can no longer travel while dead or in combat.
  • Revive button has been moved.


  • The "Travel" button in the Quest panel will now take you to the map where the quest is handed in at.
  • The (!) icon over an NPC will now change to (?) when a quest is ready to be turned in. !!!!!!!!!!!


  • Outdoor bosses have now become more wary of adventurers!


  • Defense cap has been added (+50% of expected level stat).
  • Deleting a stack of items now deletes the full stack.
  • Potions Shop added to the Main Menu.


  • Brief XP Boost and Brief Gold Boost now correctly apply their boosts.  Duration has been increased to 20mins.
  • You can now double click / double tap an item to open the Preview panel for that item.
  • Level difference penalty has been increased to 5; from 10.

0.0.76 - 06/30/2015

  • The client will now clear the data cache upon logging out / exiting the game.
  • Settings and Options menu is now available from the Title Screen.
    • Music and Sound sliders have also been added.
  • Crafting button has been added to the Main Menu; this button will show all the current items you are currently crafting.  You will also be able to claim any items that are completed from this menu (you will not need to return to the NPC).


  • UI fixes:
    • No more random inventory shuffling.  Yay! 
    • Fixed an issue where checkmarks were not appearing next to equipped items.
    • Buy / Sell slider added for stackable items.
  • All players are now hidden when zoomed in to an NPC.
  • Current XP and XP needed to level is now shown in the player info panel.



0.0.76 - 06/22/2016

06/22/2016 *Hotfixes*

  • You may need to restart Steam to see all of the changes.
  • There have been some updates to how the Line of Sight system works; we noticed that there were some issues in Umbral Caves, especially regarding the Mini Spiders
    • There will also be a warning message displayed when you are not within Line of Sight anymore.
  • One of the rooms inside Umbral Caves has been modified slightly to indicate better the objective of the room.
  • Lidra will now only show a "Quests" option when she has quests available to you; this will helpfully alleviate some confusion players had when first going to Umbral Caves.
  • Shadow Wolf effects will no longer play for every transformed player on a map when you first enter the map. No more poofs!
  • An issue with text overlapping in the "Crafting" panels has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where certain items would not appear in the Preview window whaaaaatt???
  • Chitin Piercer and Exoblade have had their stats adjusted.


  • A new dungeon is available for players level 10+:  Umbral Caves!
    • Look for Lidra in Doomwood Graveyard - she and her family gather medicinal herbs from a cave near the Bridge; look for her near a large cave entrance!
    • This dungeon is for 3 players.
    • Note: there is currently no "lobby" zone; join up with other players around the entrance to the Umbral Caves in Doomwood Graveyard!
  • UPDATED! Shadow Wolf transformation has received an updated animation! The travel speed of this transformation has also been boosted. Zoom zoom! err..woof woof?
  • Monsters no longer drop their loot in a "chest". SUPER FANCY LOOT BAG!
  • Character names have been updated with a slight outline to make them more visible against backgrounds.
  • Introductory area: monster difficulty has been reduced in these maps.
    • Reduced the prices of items on Gaz's shop in Intro2.
    • Gorthor the Warfiend has some new animations!


  • Brand new items and their recipes have been added to Umbral Caves!
  • Miscellaneous fixes to Umbral Caves.


  • Crafting ingredients are now available inside Umbral Caves.
  • Added Small Health Potions as rewards for certain quests inside Umbral Caves.
  • Miscellaneous fixes for quests relating to Umbral Caves.


  • Certain monsters now have (more) abilities! Keep your eyes peeled (and your potions stocked! muahahaha).
  • Max stack of potions has been increased to 15.
  • Shadow Wolf Paw has been added to Melodia's Kickstarter shop for those who are Legendary Founder + Shadow Wolf Transformation holders.
  • TREASURE CHESTS! That is all.


  • FIX: You should no longer get stuck in "NPC zoom in mode"! FREEDOM FROM THE NPC CLOSEUPS!
  • Heath's Ghost no longer has 0 HP. Un-undead?
  • Some fixes to the crafting system: you can no longer complete a recipe if one of the ingredients is currently equipped.
  • No more "disconnect" warning message when using the Log Out feature.

0.0.75 - 06/13/2016


  • Item Preview function added!  Look for the Preview button on item descriptions and recipes! SPINNY!


  • Brand new, super colourful, fancy awesome pretty icons added to the UI! YAY!
  • Tropical storm Korin is approaching The Doomwood. Get your raincoats!
  • Mother Hen's wings have been clipped; she should no longer jump out of the ceiling in Green Grotto.
  • Boogerlings have evolved! meep.



0.0.75 - 06/07/2016


  • Hotfix: renamed "Dungeon Energy" to "Dungeon Keys".


  • Hotfix: fixed an issue where Dungeon Energy could not be used.  The "Refill Energy" button should now update properly!  Yay!
  • Max Dungeon Energy has been increased to 20!




  • Fixed a lighting issue inside Green Grotto.  Spoopy.
  • A wayward frogzard has found his way out of Barrow Point!  (Frogzard Tooth will no longer show up on the list of dungeon loot)


  • Weakened Skeletons in the first introductory area have now been set to ez mode neutral.
  • Functionality added to show a popup for dungeon area objectives.
  • NPC zoom in speed is now SUPER FAST!
  • Confirmation button removed when using Travel Map; INSTANT TELEPORTATION!


  • The first dungeon, Barrow Point is now available!  Visit Robina at Barrow Point by travelling towards the right when you first enter Greenguard North from Battleon!  (past the Grotto entrance) Alternatively, you can use /join forestlobby
  • Dungeons will require "Energy" (temporary name) to enter.  Dungeon Energy points regenerate at 1 point per 3 hours real-time.
  • Fix: you can now purchase equipment which has a higher level requirement than your current character level. BUY ALL THE THINGS!!
  • Reduced the distance from where you could click an NPC to interact with.
  • /report function added.


  • Removed the ability to /join dungeons
  • A popup warning will now appear when you try to leave a dungeon.  BZZT
  • Added "Guardian Armor" to Faith's Shop.  Shiny!


  • Fix: you can no longer bypass the inventory limit using duplicate items.
  • Dungeon Energy system implemented.
  • Tooltip popups added! POP UP VIDEO
  • Rarity types added.  ALL THE COLOURS!
    • not to be confused with "rares"


  • Lighting in Warlic's shop and Cysero's forge have been adjusted.


  • Removed Dull Scale as a reward from "Do you have the Stomach?" quest.
  • Removed Sneevil Skewer as a reward from "The Brass Ring" and added to "Creative Problem Solving" quest instead.
    • "The Brass Ring" is no longer repeatable - now rewards more XP and gold upon completion.
  • UI has been updated / reverted?  yes!  kind of?


  • Temporary fix for the extreme blue shadows in Yulgar's Inn as well as Intro 1.  (not blue daba deeba)
  • Hitboxes have been adjusted as well as target circles; they should work better now!


  • Changed how mob leashing works: all players who have engaged a monster will now remain in combat (even if you run out of range) until the monster is dead or has been reset.
    • Monster will only reset once ALL current targets are out of range / unreachable / dead.
  • Fixed an issue where attacking a mob from max range (30 yards) would cause an instant reset.  The monster will now resume eating your face.
  • Gorthor should no longer capsize (*whale noises*)



0.0.74 - 05/23/2016

  • Hotfix: fixed an issue where mob aggro could be broken.




  • Newly created characters will now start in the Introductory area.  Skeletons ahoy!
  • The dancing zombies in Doomwood Graveyard have gone back to sleep for now.
  • Once you have helped Gaz fix his cart in the Intro, he will now be able to take you to Battleon via a dialogue option!
  • A temporary Travel Map option has been added to take you to the Introductory area.
  • Murky Heal Potion has been removed from Gaz's Cart Shop and is now a quest reward from the quest "Taking Home the Gold".
  • Small Health Potion and Small Mana Potion are now available for purchase again from Yulgar (for shiny shiny gold coins).




  • The introductory area is now available for testing!  Existing players can check it out by using /join intro!


  • Changed how leash distance is calculated; it is now calculated off the distance of the player to the mob's original spawn point
  • Mobs can now have ranged attacks
  • Capes on female characters have been scaled to be closer to the size of male capes.  SWOOSHING ALLOWED!



0.0.73 - 05/09/2016

  • Hotfix: fixed an issue with stack limits affecting regular equipment


  • Special Cape for Kickstarter backers has been added!  Find it on Melodia, in Yulgar's Inn!
  • Dricken Eggshells have had their Crit % lowered to 10%
  • Stat curve has been slightly adjusted with the introduction of Capes and Back Items


  • Fixed: an issue where the camera could get "stuck" while zoomed in on an NPC can now be fixed by using the "Log Out" button as well as by switching maps!
  • Inventory size increased to 30 slots
  • There is now a popup when you have reached the stack limit when purchasing stackable items


  • Guardian's "Guardian's Oath" skill has been changed to an AoE debuff: now applies 10% Weakened and 10% Staggered to enemies around you.  This ability also has a threat component
  • Potions are now on a cooldown and can no longer be spammed


  • Fixes: adjustments for how aggro works in the game:
    • killing a monster (ie. Dricken) in one hit will no longer get you stuck in combat-mode
    • dodges and misses will now generate aggro properly
    • aggro transference should now be working (aggro which is split between different monsters, as well as beneficial abilities generating threat)
  • Monsters will now always try to attack players who are in range first, before attempting to path to a player who is out of reach.  This will hopefully alleviate issues where monsters get stuck, as well as players purposefully trying to reset / get a monster stuck. 


0.0.72 - 04/26/2016


  • New player character run animations!  And swooshy cape animations!
  • Capes have been added to Faith's shop!  YAY!


  • Added Small Health and Mana potions for players to try!  Find them in Yulgar's shop!


  • Added functionality for buffs which can persist through death and also while offline


  • *super secret Shadow Wolf transformation things*


  • New "Item" panel button added which lets you quickly access your consumable items and clickie items!


0.0.71 - 04/13/2016

  • Reduced the mana cost of Guardian's Strike
  • Character Page links should be working again!
  • Removed the "Teleport to Town" button




  • Posted a fix which will hopefully resolve issues with players getting stuck zoning in to Yulgar's Inn
  • Greenguard Omelette quest has been removed (Mother Hen and all her drops remain though!)
  • Upgraded the server hamster wheel so that hamsters won't fall off during a server restart / shutdown


  • Hotfix: drop rates for Bright Feather has been adjusted


  • Hotfix: Daze is being applied properly again; back to zapping!


  • Hotfix: fixed an issue where having the quest tracker / quest compass active could cause you to get stuck joining and switching maps
  • Hotfix: fixed a missing texture issue with the quest "Because We Can" in Greenguard North



0.0.70 - 03/30/2016 

  • Quest objective compass added: works for quests that have interactive objects / objectives.
  • Travel button now indicates which maps you have active quests in.
  • Basic line-of-sight functionality added.


  • Updated "Books come from Trees" drop rate to 100% to alleviate the broken tree issue.
  • No more flying chests in cave maps!


  • Monsters can't move while casting anymore (those cheaters!).

0.0.69 - 03/24/2016

  • Fixed an issue where spell effects could get rendered behind objects such as carpets.


  • Fixed some bugs with clickies not working properly (trees in Greenguard North and Rocky).


  • Updated Quest interface.
    • Option to "Track Quest" added
    • Button to Travel to Quest NPC added
    • Zone where quest is located is shown in the Quest Log panel
  • Quick Travel button added.


  • The Final Showdown and The Final Final Showdown have had their requirements changed to alleviate the "progress lost" bug.
  • Adjusted drop rate for "Jewels of the Sea" quest in Greenguard North.  Increased XP reward as well.


  • Fixed an issue where a user joining a map was invisible to players.
  • Added Daze immunity functionality.



0.0.68 - 03/15/2016

  • HOTFIX:  Some security issues have been patched.



0.0.67 - 03/05/2016 STEAM RELEASE!

AQ3D is released on Steam!  Make sure to request your Steam key on the account management page <>.  You can then redeem your key on Steam by going to Games (at the top of the window) -> Activate a Product on Steam and following the prompts there.

Current Known Issues regarding the Steam client:

Players have reported issues logging in to their accounts via the Facebook Log in feature; we are working on a fix for this.

Some players may also experience crashes when trying to play the game on Steam.  If you have this issue, please first look for the "crash log" which will help us identify why your game may have crashed.  You can find this file by going to the folder where Steam is installed and navigating to Steam\steamapps\common\AdventureQuest3D\AQ3D_Data and finding the file called "output_log.txt".
Please attach this file to an email with the subject "Steam Crash Log" and send it to

*Please make sure to include information as such:

  1. Your computer's specifications - example: info about which Operating System you are using
  2. What were you doing in the game when the crash happened?
  3. Does it happen every time?  Can you reproduce the crash?




0.0.66 - 03/07/2016

Current Known Issues:

  • If you've accidentally closed the NPC dialogue panel; you can get stuck in zoomed-in mode.  You can fix this by going into your own Main Menu and opening the Quest panel and then closing the window.
  • If you are stuck in "zoomed-in" mode and you use the /join command to switch maps, your camera will do all sorts of crazy things!  To fix this, be sure to exit your game completely (by closing the game window or using the Exit Game button once the Steam client becomes available)
  • Purchasing a new class via the new Classes panel will temporarily bug out the Equip button.  It will not show a green check mark if you try to Equip a new class immediately after purchasing.  This can be fixed by closing the menu and opening it again.


  • Fixed a graphical issue with Guardian Strike and Guardian’s Oath (plane being rendered around the effect)


  • Main menu “back” button is now a REAL back button!
  • Buffs no longer persist after switching classes (again)


  • moar UI fixes! (related to the Quest Log)
  • you can now see what you have currently equipped in the Sell window. Woohoo green check marks!
  • hotkey numbers are back!
  • casting bar is no longer night time
  • you can no longer target yourself. Yourself does not exist.
  • you can now Delete and Create Characters again!


  • miscellaneous UI bug fixes / updates -
    • completing a quest will no longer bug out the quest UI
  • no more musical NPC dialogue options!  They will stay where they are when you go back now.
  • new health/mana/xp bars; shiny!



  • miscellaneous UI bug fixes


  • New game interface introduced -
    • The new UI introduces a lot of new buttons and settings!  Check out all the new resolution settings!  And that Exit Game button (for the upcoming Steam client only)!!  (Secret PC user protip: you can press "B" to open your inventory)
  • Classes have been separated into their own panel; they will no longer take up a spot in your inventory! Yay!
    • The old "class" equips have been converted into armors; you don't need to keep them in your inventory anymore, unless you want to wear them for their looks!



  • Slime Lord stats have been adjusted - he should be a much more interesting fight now!
    • This is one of the first examples of how boss fights might work and be more challenging; RAWR!


  • New outfits added to Gaz’s shop


  • Fix: fixed the phantom player bug (can’t target a player)


  • Slime Lord has learned a new ability!
  • Target cast bars added




0.0.63 - 02/19/2016

  • Improved camera control functionality: the camera has now been freed from the evil constraints of the back of your head! Now you can move the camera in all sorts of directions like UP! or even LEFT!  **Note, there may have been some confusion about this change; you can now freely rotate the camera using the Left Mouse Button when running, while the Right Mouse Button will turn your character as previously.
  • Typos in in a lot of quests have been fxied *fixed

0.0.62 - 02/17/2016

  • Additional functionality added to the targeting system: Monsters which hit you will now automatically be targeted, if you did not already have any target. Also it is now possible to tab-target to a target that is behind you or out of camera view if it is already attacking you.


Known Issues and Bugs affecting the server:

  • Switching maps while zoomed in on an NPC breaks the camera
  • Lighting issues in certain spots (flickering, turning red, blue, black, all of the above)
  • There are issues with quest progress saving; players have reported losing progress in their quests; we are still in the process of investigating the issue.
  • There may be texture issues which appear when using the Shadow Detail slider. This can be fixed by equipping a different item to refresh.
  • Trees in Greenguard North will periodically break, making them unclickable; we are investigating this issue.

0.0.61 - 02/15/2016

  • Fix: miscellaneous fixes related to targeting and the new auto-move functionality
  • Bridge Skeleton and Big Bones General have had their stats adjusted

0.0.60 - 02/10/2016

  • Fix: Auto move disabled for beneficial spells and friendly / neutral targets
  • Fix: Auto facing now happens at the start of cast (ex. for Mage Fireball)
  • Target will now be automatically deselected when out of range
  • Player will now move into combat range when using a single-target combat ability
  • Attack reach of some monsters has been adjusted
  • Hitboxes for larger monsters has been adjusted

0.0.59 - 02/05/2016

  • Tab targeting functionality added (nearest to far, based on camera)
  • Player now auto faces the enemy once engaged in combat
  • Neutral flagged mobs (non-aggro, but can be attacked)
  • Jimmy the Eye has ventured out into Greenguard North!

0.0.58 - 02/04/2016

  • Added Serpent Fighter set as drops
  • Inquisitor’s Robe added as drop
  • General Gathmor stats slightly adjusted
  • Sell prices of Pebblar armor set reduced
  • Dried Crust sell price reduced
  • Adjusted the rewards from “The Brass Ring” quest
  • Shadow Detail Slider, Bloom and Depth of Field options added **we expect there to be issues depending on PC specs / hardware; slider setting 5 is also not recommended for most users
  • Camera zoom-in on NPC interaction
  • Removed “Brisk Trade” quest from Yulgar; replaced with “Sticky Trade”
  • Motion trails added to attacks
  • Sell prices of Ashen armor set reduced
  • Alpha Knight quests are now available from Melodia

0.0.57 - 02/01/2016

  • Update to combat animations
  • Fix: spamming the auto attack button no longer plays the auto attack animation repeatedly
  • Animation lock on all skills removed
  • Alpha Knight interface added to Melodia - requires Alpha Knight Badge to view (shop and quests)
  • Guardian Class added to Faith’s Class Shop - requires Guardian Badge to purchase
  • Brutal Horn, Deathly Zed Sword, The Great Grave Sword, Bridge Keeper’s Axe have had their stats adjusted
  • The Final Showdown and The Final Final Showdown - kills needed reduced


  • New drops added to Boogerling and Big Bones General
  • Beginner’s Alpha Knight set (Lvl 2) has been added to Melodia
  • Class Trainers have received makeovers!
  • Adjusted Slime Lord trash drops
  • Balancing tweaks on Boss Monsters; increased stats all around
  • The Final Final Showdown no longer repeatable


  • Unity 5.3 conversion/ fixes


  • Unity 5 build


  • Added In-game Color Customization UI.
  • Server - handle and save color customization
  • itemization process: drops added to most zones now
  • first round of shop changes (Battleon)


  • Mana Shield effect duration fixed
  • Default camera offset updated
  • Stat Curve updated
  • Y-offset added to spawning mob


  • XP/Gold modifier on mobs
  • Quest XP updated
  • NPC popup fix for Gaz, Warlic, and Jimmy
  • You can now properly abandon a quest from your quest log
  • Excess XP rolls over on level up.
  • Level up text color updated to be gold..ish!
  • Name plate should update level text on levelupSome old quests in Battleon Town have been removed
  • NPCs have been updated with new quests and shops
  • Cysero’s Weapon Shop (Forge) is now available

0.0.36 (Beta Submission)

  • Server Selection screen cleanup
  • Spell FX cleanup
  • Added MC Log
  • Added restriction of shops based on badge
  • Asset load fix for robe.


  • Mob aggro radius cleanup
  • proper display of Gem/Coin sprite/text in shop
  • Item higher level than you not equippable anymore
  • Inventory list does not reset when you equip/unequip
  • Mob Collider is disabled after death (should make clicking the loot box easier)
  • Many mobs have had their stats updated / tweaked across all zones


  • Buff reset on equip/unequip
  • Font & UI update (more noticeable on mobile platforms)
  • fixed the issue where the spell would get stuck if casted from the edge of the range (possibly reintroduces the castbar cancelling issue previously fixed)
  • Options UI update
  • Added respawn time in all machines


  • Casting again while cast in progress no longer cancels the cast
  • Castbar timing synchronization
  • Fix for cast cancel due to auto attack
  • Autoattack spam message removed
  • Mob Stat reset on combat exit