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Legend Of Lore


Read carefully before testing... Because for each person who does not read on, highly trained ninjas will sneak into the game server room and add even more bugs to the game.. Really. I saw it on TV! Do your duty! READ ON!

  1. Primitive Combat is enambed. Multiplayer login, movement, combat and chat is being tested.
  2. Everything can and will change based on your feedback. (If you have been with us before you know exactly what we mean)
  3. This test uses the UNITY plugin. It is like Flash, but geared towards 3D. Future tests will also include a Flash version.

Before playing, you must raise your hand and read the following AlphaKnight oath out loud, then click the “I agree” button.


“I <state your name*> am an AlphaKnight helping the Artix Entertainment community test a new game... if you can call it a game... which you can’t... because combat is currently disabled... and no matter how bad I think it looks now I know that all of the graphics, and animations, and interface, and soundFX, and music, and the current very crashy game engine are going to be completely replaced will better, prettier, cooler stuff and continuously improved and evolved and I know this because I play other Artix Entertainment games and that is exactly how it has always worked and frankly you should know better than to argue with me about anything related to AE because I am an expert** and <TAKE A DEEP BREATH> I also do hereby solemnly swear to report all bugs because if I do not, no one else will and I will make suggestions to the team and to do my best to help build this game so it will ultimately become everyone's favorite game of all time!”

* If you actually said “state your name here” Artix & Yergen would like to personally give you a high five.
** If you post a video of you, or a video game character, or pretty much anything, taking the AlphaKnight Oath on YouTube, tweet it to Artix.