We #$%@'d up? Live Design Notes

Artix Krieger | Thursday, December 22, 2016



Cysero just walked into my office and said... "We @#$%'d up" -- I told him to stop. Live writing design notes as he tells me what happened.

Let us begin...

Cysero: So we @#$%'d up.

Cysero: While we were adding the new Red Elf armor set, we accidentally deleted the Green Elf.... Frostval Elf suit from the shop.

Artix: OK?

Cysero: This caused EVERYONE who had it in their crafting inventory to lose it...

Artix: O_O

Cysero: ...and a lot of people are using their crafting queue as temporary space until the bank gets here.

Artix: ... is there way to get it back?

Cysero: Nope. Unless they redid everything they did in the first place.

Artix: ...

Cysero: So here's what were going to do.

Yergen: ...in the spirit of giving.

Cysero: Well, the price to buy the item outright is 150 dragon crystals.

Crysero: We are going to give EVERYONE in the entire game 250 DragonCrystals.

Cysero: Yeah, 100 more Dragon Crystals than the item itself.

Artix: I like where this is going....

Cysero: This way everyone who lost the item can get it for free.. and have a hundred extra crystals left over.

Artix: ...you did not need me at all for this problem, did you?

Cysero: Just wanted to run it past you because we are giving everyone money.


Cysero: *Throws black licorice across the room into the garabge*

Yergen: No! No! You can't throw it away you touched it...

Artix: What just happened?

Yergen: He threw away the black licorice.

Cysero: The evil mouth coating licorice monster...

*Zhoom walks in*

Artix: Hiya Zhoom.

Zhoom: So.. is the DC gift final or what?

Cysero: Yes

Zhoom: What's he doing? *looking at Artix*

Cysero: He's writing everything we say in the design notes.

Zhoom: So how many DC's

Cysero: 250. A hundred more than it costs to just buy the elf suit outright.

Artix: When do you want to do it?

Cysero/Yergen: (Same time): Right now.

Artix: Who qualifies?

Cysero: Everybody./

Artix: What if they are not playing?

Yergen: Then thanks for not playing.

Artix: Server need to come down?

Zhoom: Yeah.

Cysero: We could... just give it to everyone who has been active since frostval started.

Artix: What if... we sent out an email to let everyone know and give it to players who have been on since Frostval began.

Cysero: No. They're salty now.

Artix: I am thinking.

Cysero: It is easier marketing if we just give it to everyone. Everyone gets free money!

Yergen: Yeah, flip some of them thumbs up.

Zhoom: OK, let's decide final. 250 now? Everyone?

Artix: Still thinking....

Artix: The problem is I have to type this all and think at the same time... I do not have a quad core brain that can multitask.

Cysero: Zhoom says stop typing now. Think. Then resume typing.

Yergen: Yeah, type that.

Cysero: Everyone stop talking!

-- 2 minutes later --

Artix: Alright. We do it now, and we do it for every character in the game. Then everyone gets a present for the holidays and I will send out an email to every player of the game to let them know we gave it to them. This is a good plan.

Artix: Make it so.

Cysero & Yergen: (Same time again... seriously, not making this up.) Done.

Zhoom: OK, on it.

*Live writing finished. Thank you for reading*

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