Dragonslayer Senna

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The DragonSlayer Order #1 - Introducing Quartermaster Senna

It was nearly 7 years ago that Senna joined the DragonSlayers. She was just a little girl when a dragon attacked her home town, taking everyone she knew and loved from her. Tiny, unarmed, and afraid... she was moments away from becoming the next victom of the Dragon's breath weapon. Then HE showed up... the legendary Dragonslayer called Galanoth. People thought he was just a story. A lone human that could fight a dragon!? But she saw it with her own eyes. Galanoth stood toe to toe and fought the massive winged beast. Senna's fear and saddness transformed into awe. While the other survivors of her town fled in terror... she watched as her new champion fought to deliver justice to all those she lost. That was the moment the Dragon's massive jaws bit deeply into the legendary Galanoth's armor... lifted him up into the air, flung him around like a rag doll and tossed him to the ground.  They say there are only a few moments in your life that truly define you. This was hers. Senna could have ran. She could have tried to make a diversion to give Galanoth a few precious moments recover. But no... she scoured for anything she could use or make a weapon out of to bring down the beast herself. No eye witnesses actually saw what happened next. Whatever did happen... is a secret between Senna and Galanoth. Whether that secret is to protect Galanoth's ego, or to have justified why Galanoth allowed her to join the Dragonslayers. But there are rumors... that Senna might be the youngest person to ever slay a dragon.

In the 7 years that followed, Senna has been on the hunt with the DragonSlayers. A life like this would turn most people hard... but her personality is jovial and her jokes often unexpected. It did not take long for her to find her role within the Dragonslayers. See, Senna is no stranger to a weapon, but her resourcefulness and charm made her a natural at trading with locals for food, supplies, armor and weapons. As Quartermaster, she keeps the DragonSlayers equipped for combat. Whatever she cannot buy for the group, she can craft. The life of a Dragonslayer is a tough one... just imagine traveling from lair to lair, rescuing towns and castles, fighting the worlds strangest and deadliest dragons. So whenever possible, Senna tries get her fellow DragonSlayers some delicacies and foods to remind them of their former homes.

Senna is one of many DragonSlayers you will encounter in the upcoming AdventureQuest 3D Saga: The Dragons of Ashfall

QUESTION: What foods are some foods you can think of from our World of Lore?

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