DragonSlayer Kord

Artix Krieger | Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kord the Dragonslayer

Kord is second in command of the DragonSlayers Order. To understand him, we first need to understand what this Order of DragonSlayers really is. See, the DragonSlayers are not a military force formed by the decree of some King, nor are these treasure hunters seeking profit. By their name, their very singular goal is obvious. But why? What makes them tick?

An educated Loremaster knows that there are both benevolent and malevolent Dragons. But to anyone living in small towns near the mountains-- the threat of a dragon attack is an ever imposing danger. Their only experiences with dragons revolve around attacks, destruction, and death. So when stories of Galanoth the DragonSlayer started spreading around these regions… people idolized him. Just imagine, a mysterious person who traveled the land, hunting these titan sized fire-breathing beasts! To those who had suffered the pain and terror from dragon attacks… he was hope. To others... vengeance.

Sharing a familiar story with many of the DragonSlayers, Kord is an orphan. Galanoth was his hero and savior… which, skipping a long and strange series of stories, led to him becoming one of the legendary DragonSlayer’s first followers. Galanoth never asked for followers. As he sees it, his driving need to kill all dragons is his singular purpose and others just slow him down and get in his way. But with each dragon slain, he saw more and more people flocking to his cause.  It didn't matter where Galanoth went or why… they followed without question. Organizing this band of hunters required skills above just slaying winged, intelligent, and magic wielding lizards. This is where Kord comes in. He took what he learned from years of experience with galanoth and began training them. It was Kord who took a collection of untrained followers and reshaped them into an elite fighting force with a single goal.

The DragonSlayers have noticed the glances between Kord and Senna as they sit around the campfires at night, but they know that nothing will never happen. For Kord, his duty comes first and until Galanoth lays down his sword there is no room for personal distractions. He knows first hand how terrible an evil dragon attack can be. He genuinely cares about people and uses his sharp mind for tactics to help save them. It took years but Kord has organized this band of hunters into the Order that it is today. Now, while Galanoth forms his next assault on the winged fiends, the DragonSlayers turn to the stoic Kord for guidance and leadership.

Meet Kord and the other DragonSlayers in the soon to be released AdventureQuest 3D Saga: DRAGONS OF ASHFALL.

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